Marc-André Pépin

Marc-André Pépin

Composer and pianist


Hibernation is a metaphor for the experience of the past few months with the pandemic. We’ve come to expect the Unexpected. Confinement came suddenly. It resembled a distorted vacation where each day was a Sunday from yesteryear where everything was closed. The imposed pause in our hectic pace was Calming at first, but it was soon replaced by Concerns and Mixed Feelings. Melancholy, Boredom and Inconsistency joined in despite some Loosening of the rules that helped us to manage. The end of confinement brought with it a False Joy, since too many constraints remained. However, there will be a Silver Lining. We don’t know when, but it will come. When the confinement and the constraints end, there will be a Rebirth and we will again enjoy typical human interactions.
1 Hibernation
2 Calming
3 Concerns
4 Mixed Feelings
5 Melancholy
6 Unexpected
7 Loosening
8 Boredom Waltz
9 False Joy
10 Inconsistency
11 Silver Lining
12 Rebirth
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Silent Nights

Silent Nights
The album contains 16 variations for piano of the famous melody “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht” composed in 1818 by Franz X. Gruber.
1 Lean Night
2 Soothing Night
3 Busy Night
4 Blues Night
5 White Night
6 Mysterious Night
7 Enigmatic Night
8 Luminous Night
9 Emotional Night
10 Moving Night
11 Precarious Night
12 Happy Night
13 Enchanted Night
14 Elusive Night
15 Scintillating Night
16 Glorious Night
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Tempus fugit

1 Tempus fugit
2 Moment of Truth
3 Keepsake Box
4 Intense Moment
5 Eternal Return
6 Memories Revisited
7 Carefreeness
8 Neverending
9 I Insist
10 Strange Times
11 For Better Times
12 Life Goes On
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Variable Skies

1 Mardi Gras
2 Hard to Express
3 Spirit of Yesteryear
4 Hellish Day
5 Light-hearted
6 Soothing Words
7 Afternoon Tea
8 Arrivals and Departures
9 Tell That to Me Once Again
10 Variable Skies
11 Prayer
12 Heart to Heart
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1 Overture
2 Lullaby for my son
3 Spanish Castles
4 Leaving
5 Pillow talk
6 Sincerity
7 Ambivalence
8 As The Wind Blows
9 Grimaces and Antics
10 Rendez-vous
11 Regrets
12 Until We Meet Again
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Songs without words

1 Songs without words
2 Catherine
3 Fall is coming back
4 The great rest
5 Waiting
6 Ragtime
7 Vague yearnings
8 Gamboling
9 Looking at the stars
10 Cheerfulness
11 Seen from above
12 Early in the morning
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